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Box Five Radio | Special Guest Biography – Adam O’suna

Born in the city of the sun as a child of the 80’s, music has been a part of Adam O’suna all his life. Beginning his DJ career back in 1996 listening to house music and turntablism, Adam was frequenting many parties and nightclubs around the city. In 2000, Adam moved up to Flagstaff where he soon paired up with his partner in crime Demetre Baca, with whom he shares the crew Chronic Earwax. In 2001, Adam decided to explore and moved to Portland, Oregon. In Portland, Adam quickly established himself as a staple in the DJ scene, holding down many residencies, crushing dance floors weekly, and bringing out national talent as well as many other esteemed house DJs.

After returning to the valley of the sun in 2006 to raise a family, Adam broke through to the Phoenix scene as a house music soldier; repping true house to the fullest. Adam’s collaborations include Solstice Saturdays, Boom crew, Retro Hi-fi, and Ficus Tree. He has played up and down the west coast from Seattle to San Francisco, breaking it down to the deep, funky, turn your mutha out, beatdown the door sets.

Adam is no stranger to the decks, with sick scratches, smooth mixes, and impeccable track selection. You can also find him peddling out a fine selection of Pro Audio Gear at the local Guitar Center in Phoenix, where he manages the hi-tech department. Adam is and all around badass who can definitely hold down the fort with any DJ out there. So if you’re looking for a dope house DJ, look no further, word!!!!!!!! Adam reps Chronic Earwax, Underground Connection, and is the recipient of the 2013 Stylus Awards for Best DJ in Phoenix.