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SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2015

Box Five Beats | Bobby Breezy | Portland

In the early 90s Bobby moved to Albuquerque from Los Angeles. He was just starting to listen to electronic music and had found some old technics (with a wheel for pitch control) and started to collect records. There weren’t but a couple record stores in Albuquerque at the time so he would travel to other cities that he knew had records of the this new music called House. Although He didn’t really know how to mix them together yet, he was pretty fond of the music and how it made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It wasn’t until Bobby made a trip to San Francisco in the summer in 94 that he truly understood the meaning of mixing records by watching and hovering over Dj Garth and Jeno playing at a dirty lil warehouse deep in the city, two of his all-time favorite djs to date. Bobby went home with a whole new look on what he should be doing with these records.

Bobby had met a few guys with the same interests and they started looking for venues to host their own parties. Bobby began to get involved with other promoters to build the New Mexico rave and club culture by helping to promote some of Albuquerque’s most remembered and still talked about events. “At that time there wasn’t very much going on so a handful of us with ideas came together with one common goal, give the kids place to “dance and be free”. Needless to say, He’s been playing records and promoting events / club nights ever since with friends Dominic and Herman which formed the trio Native Soul Productions. They have had several djs / producers play their infamous night in Albuquerque titled MOVE Mondays from all over the world.

Bobby has had the honor of playing alongside the likes of Luke Soloman, Alexander East, Doc Martin, Rescue, Jevne, 1200 Warriors, Arturo Garces, Garth, Wally Callerio, Reverend Mitton, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Johnny Fiasco and so many more. In 2005 he started to dabble in production, nothing too serious at the time. In 07 Midwest Hustle Music picked him up for a remix of Astropimps cut called “Lil Sompin”. (Zaint mix) In the beginning of 2007, his partner’s and him started their own digital label, Native Soul Recordings. The guys have stood out as one of America’s top House Music labels out there and have gained several friends and colleagues that support the label full force.

Fast-forwarding to today, Bobby has released music on digital labels under his alter ego’s Zaint and Bobby Breezy. You can find his work on all digital music boutiques such as Beatport, Juno, Stompy, Traxsource…etc. He has remix projects out now and releases forthcoming on a great selection of House Music labels. Be sure to catch his works on his Soundcloud page where he keeps a song or two.

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