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Box Five Radio | Brandon Patr!k | Indianapolis IN

Since 1995, Brandon Patr!K has been known by many names:

Chocolate: The Freaky Afronaut
Brandon Kaye
Patr!K Fæth
Patr!K Tantrum

And it’s hard to pin down his exact history or contribution, but we do know some things:

He started out as a partykid in 1992, and still considers himself to be a partykid-at-heart. Shortly thereafter, he began promoting as 1/2 of PiMP SCRiMP and then, later, under the House of Babylon, which still exists as a familial DJ collective, sometimes referred to as the New Boogie Coup.

He released records for Select and Fair Parks Recordings. Some white-label releases and bootlegs have been widely attributed to him — some confirmed; others, notsomuch. (He made a habit of churning out beats and giving them away on message boards like or, which had no place in the music business of 2003, when labels were still trying to recop losses from a seismic shift in modern-day music business.

(Though it would have been more at home in today’s SoundCloud-heavy distribution schema, though.)

For BEATUS HOMO, we have a battle of the personas: past meets present. But between the two, there is still that singular approach to mixing, an an example of cross-sectional approach to Systems Theory — the entire finished mix is a system. Within it are other smaller systems (individual mixes), which are composed of their own even-smaller systems (the individual tracks).

And they’re all combined to create the larger hole.

Patr!K explains it best: “I look at The Mix as one song. But each individual mix is also a song. You’ve heard “Deep Inside” a thousand times. You’ve heard “U Got Me Up” a thousand more. But the key is to try and build something new out of each individual part, so that even the oldest song can still sounds new and fresh.”

If you take one track away from BEATUS HOMO, the whole system crumbles.

For the past 7 years, Patr!K has been writing, perfecting the narrative craft. And when you listen to his mixes (Intergalactic Discocaine, Till Comes the Groove — to name a few) you can understand that such a move is not too much of a leap. He’s always approached his DJ sets as though he were a storyteller.

Connect with Brandon Patr!K here:

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